Service providers can apply e9 Treatments to your instrumenation.

Adding Value: Ask Your Service Provider to Apply e9 Treatments to Your Instrumentation

The biggest issues in any business are always time and money. Do you have the time and resources to maintain your oilfield instrumentation? If all the benefits people promised you were true, do you have time to take advantage of them? If you could extend the time between deep cleaning of your process or instrumentation by 2X, 3X, or 4X by applying e9  Metal Surface Treatments to your equipment, do you have the time to do it? Why not ask more of your service provider? Ask them to add the extra value of e9 Treatments to your service.

Government agencies and downstream customers require accurate measurement prior to custody transfer of petrochemicals. However, build up in metering instruments causes inaccuracies that lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. Service providers are key to helping you maintain operational efficiency and quality deliverables. What if your service provider could help you extend the time between maintenance cycles, while keeping your equipment operating efficiently and within standards?

Most service providers in the oil and gas industry offer a range of measurement and analytical services including repair/replacement work, meter cleaning, proving and calibration services. Service providers become expert at these processes and offer the third-party verification and accreditation needed for custody transfer regulations.

This makes service providers the ideal group to treat your meters with e9 Treatments. They have the processes in place to ensure your meters are clean and ready for e9 Treatments and the manpower and facilities to properly treat your meters. The service provider can simply add the treatment to the final step of their maintenance service after cleaning and proving and before reinstalling or replacing meters. Most importantly, they save you the time of doing the treatment and the expense of the set up. By extending the time between maintenance cycles with e9 treated instrumentation, you save time and money—less labor, less service, and more production uptime.

e9 Treatments partners with several service providers throughout the country: In the Permian Basin, the Eagle Ford Shale and specifically Questar Energy in North Dakota.

Ask your service provider today to begin treating your meters with e9 Treatments and start extending the time between maintenance cycles. Call or email us to get started today: 888-301-2400 or