e9 Pro Performance Metal Treatment Helps Speed Recovery from Stopped Production Lines 

Stopping production lines is a fact of life right now. Restarting a line can be difficult, time consuming and costly if the sensors and meters become clogged. We receive many calls asking for help when oil plugs up a coriolis meter, flow meter, or other device while out of operation. How could you prevent this issue? 


e9 Pro Performance is one answer for preventing the plug next time. e9 Pro Performance changes the bonding energy of the metal surface, reducing the probability that paraffins and other contaminants will bond to the metal. While solids may precipitate out of the fluid when flow is absent, you can prevent precipitates from bonding to the surface in stagnant lines. Thereby, significantly lowering the risk of clogging and helping ensure operations resume more quickly and efficiently when flow resumes 

Paraffin buildup
Coriolis meter affected by fouling

The application of e9 Pro Performance is simple. Technicians can apply the treatment to a clean device in a field shop or you can have your local service provider apply the treatment after cleaning the device. You may even want to ask your OEM to provide the treatment on all new devices.