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e9 Treatments Combats Paraffin Buildup on Oil and Gas Instrumentation

BOERNE, TexasNov. 13, 2019/PRNewswire/ — Founded in 2016, e9 Treatments offers solutions to combat paraffin and asphaltene buildup on oil and gas instrumentation used in upstream and midstream operations. As cold weather approaches, paraffin buildup, which occurs throughout the year, becomes a greater issue for oilfield operations. Temperatures drop and paraffin precipitates out of production fluid, adhering to equipment surfaces. These deposits create process flow issues and instrument malfunctions. Traditionally, operators stop production to remove and clean equipment, costing them thousands of dollars per occurrence in lost production and service fees.

The photo at right shows an untreated Coriolis meter caked with paraffin deposits. 

e9 Treatments chemistry offerings reduce the number of cleaning cycles needed. One e9 Treatments customer in South Texas estimated their savings at over $100K for each cleaning cycle eliminated. When applied to a metal surface, e9 Metal Treatments permanently change the molecular structure of the treated surface, making it unfavorable for certain environmental pollutants to adhere. Using nanotechnology, these treatments are less than 10 nanometers thick, so they are practically invisible and do not change the functionality of the treated surface.

Coriolis meters are frequently used in oil and gas operations to precisely measure liquid and gas volume. An e9 customer in the Permian Basin found paraffin deposition on Coriolis meters affecting the meter factor and causing operations to fail the required meter proving process. This customer decided to treat all of their Coriolis meters with e9 Metal Treatment. After six months, the meter factors remained consistent and the treated meters exhibited significantly less fouling than untreated meters—providing far better performance. The company extended the scheduled maintenance interval between cleanings for treated meters from twice per year to once annually, saving the company over $5000 per site in maintenance, labor and reduced downtime costs. 

Hundreds of oil and gas locations  are using e9 Treatments to combat paraffin deposition and fouling, saving thousands of dollars in cleaning and maintenance costs. Treated turbine meters, vortex meters, mag meters, orifice plates and many other devices require less maintenance when treated with e9 Treatments. Customers can typically expect maintenance cycles extended anywhere from 2-4 times their current intervals. e9 Treatments patented surface treatments currently protect over 25,000 treated assets globally, making e9 Treatments a leading provider of oil and gas asset protection solutions.

“Our solutions are easily adapted to customer applications. We offer more than just a chemical treatment; we equip our customers with an implementation plan. I’m proud to see the success so many of our customers have had with e9 Metal Treatments,” said Ajeeta Patil, Director of Technology, e9 Treatments.

e9 Treatments provides cutting edge surface treatment solutions for asset protection. Headquartered in Boerne, TX, e9 Treatments extend material lifespan, reduce maintenance and cleaning cycles, and improve asset performance – all while increasing productivity and improving customer satisfaction. www.e9treatments.com.