Field Treatment Buckets

Applying e9 Metal Treatment using a dip process? e9 Field Treatment Kits ship with e9 Pro Performance treatment and all the accessories needed to successfully apply e9 Treatments to your parts and surfaces.


However, if you just need another bucket for dipping your devices or storing treatment after application of e9 Metal Treatment. You can order just the 1-liter, 2-gallon or 5-gallon bucket.


5 gallon dip bucket


e9 Field Treatment Buckets are made of high-quality HDPE to protect the integrity of the treatment throughout the application process. The 2 gallon and 5 gallon buckets offer a special airtight lid that allows for storage of treatment between applications without evaporation. You must ensure that the lids are properly sealed. 


The one liter bucket, unfortunately, does not include an airtight lid and any treatment used should be returned to the original bottle for storage. The lid on the one liter bucket is leak-proof, but not airtight.