Our History

Since 2016, e9 Treatments has grown as a leader in providing cutting-edge, anti-fouling solutions. e9 Treatments started with surface treatments for materials in harsh upstream oil & gas environments to minimize paraffin deposition on stainless steel instrumentation.  This advanced nanotechnology treatment targeted the deposition of paraffin, naphthalene, Newtonian fluids, and other aromatics on oil production equipment.  Innovators in the Oil & Gas community have treated their  instrumentation with impressive results. Users of the treatment reported increased time between maintenance cycles and improvements in equipment performance,  which saved their operations thousands of dollars.

 With this history of success in some of the harshest environments, e9  Treatments expanded to provide solutions for applications outside of the oil & gas industry.  e9 Treatments is ideal for applications where issues with fouling and organic/inorganic buildup on instrumentation and various surfaces commonly require the need for increased maintenance.  In addition to metal surfaces, e9 Treatments provides anti-fouling solutions for glass, solar panels, and other outdoor surfaces. 

Benefits of Working with e9 Treatments


We work with world-class researchers, developers, and universities around the world. Our customers benefit from our expertise implementing treatments on a variety of surfaces. We work with our customers to integrate e9 Treatments into their manufacturing process or service offering. 

Application Engineering

Our application engineers have a wealth of experience in determining the best way to treat your products. e9 Treatments can be applied by dipping the product in the treatment, flushing treatment through a part to treat interior surfaces, or spraying and polishing the treatment on the surface of a product.

Headquartered In The USA

e9 Treatment’s corporate office and manufacturing facility are located in Boerne, Texas. We are strategically located for superior inbound and outbound logistics.

Global Presence

Over 80,000 Assets Treated Globally