Winter in the oilfield

Winter Is Coming! Is Your Site Prepared?

Winter is coming. Although it may still be warm in your part of the country, meteorologists already forecasted the first freeze watches for North Dakota and Colorado had its first snowfall. Before long, oilfield operations will feel the effects of colder weather. As temperatures drop, paraffin precipitates out of production fluid and adheres to equipment surfaces, creating process flow issues and instrument malfunctions. Devices that operated well all summer will start having paraffin buildup, flow lines will clog, and production headaches will ensue.

Paraffin buildup

Coriolis meter affected by fouling

Paraffin Season
Paraffin season is the time of year when paraffin becomes more prevalent and buildup occurs quickly. Devices fail and no longer operate within specifications. Operators spend a great deal more time and money replacing parts, cleaning parts and hot oiling to keep paraffin buildup at bay. During the current pandemic and oil industry downturn, these types of increasing maintenance costs are particularly unwelcome.

The Solution
e9 Pro Performance Metal Treatment offers a solution. Treat your meters, valves, and instruments with e9 Treatments to slow the buildup, extend the time between cleaning, and prevent premature failure. You may even find your operation running smoothly through the entire winter.

You can expect to see the time between cleaning cycles increased by 2- to 4-times for devices treated with e9 Pro Performance. It is easy to do. Treat devices in your own shop as you rotate equipment in and out of the field. Or, ask your local service company to treat your devices as part of local cleaning and proving operations. In some cases, the device OEM may be able to provide the treatment on new equipment. 

Refer to the e9 Pro Performance product page for more information.

Next Steps
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Winter is coming. It’s time to prepare!