How Our Products Work

When applied to a clean, oil-free surface, e9 Treatments alter the molecular structure of a surface and create a surface that is hydrophobic, oleophobic, and easy to clean. These clear, ultra thin, nanoscale treatments do not alter the appearance or function of the treated surface.

The Advantages

Create Easy Clean


e9 Treatments create an ultra-thin, invisible layer that prevents buildup from adhering to a surface, making it easy to wipe or rinse away deposits.

Improve Asset


Our surface treatments help prevent the bonding of organic and inorganic substances to a treated surface, improving performance and extending the lifecycle of equipment.

Reduce System 


Extend your maintenance and cleaning cycles by up to 4X with e9 Treatments’ surface solutions. Optimize production efficiency by extending equipment run time, minimizing the need for replacement parts, and reducing maintenance costs.

Extend Material


Our surface treatments create a protective layer that minimizes the buildup of organic and inorganic materials on metal and glass surfaces, reducing the potential for buildup to damage these surfaces.

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