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When applied to a clean, oil-free surface, e9 Treatments alter the molecular structure of a surface making it repel oil, water, and other “gunk”, as well as easier to clean. e9 Treatments are proven to extend the functional life of treated equipment in upstream and midstream oil and gas flow lines, as well as other applications. These clear, ultra-thin, nanoscale treatments do not alter the fit, appearance or function of treated equipment and help save operational and maintenance dollars by:

  • Improving Measurement Accuracy
  • Extending Equipment Run Time
  • Minimizing the Need for Replacement Parts
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs and Time
  • Improving Production Performance

Our staff has extensive experience treating various types of equipment. Our treatments, as well as our cleaning and application methods, have been tested and perfected on thousands of treated devices. We’ve treated everything from small turbine meters to mag meters to 8- and 10-inch Coriolis meters, even entire provers and vessels!

We can help with:

  • Treating new or used equipment
  • Treating internal and external metal surfaces
  • Pre-treatment cleaning

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